Whole Body Wealth

Bringing the Body Into Finance

Practice is an intentional activity that engages our senses with mental, emotional, physical and spiritual awareness. Through practice we gain insight in the areas of life we choose to improve by seeing new ways and making new moves. In Short, practice resolves problems and emerges possibilities. Engaging a practice, we are aware of both the “doing” and the “seeing”.

The doing is the activity. Practice is a verb – so there is an “ing” – we are practicing. Which means movement, body movement and mental movement. Journaling, running, meditating, hugging, whistling, bathing, lifting weights, reading – endless pages of activities. While the doing is interesting, and important, it is the seeing that gives fire to the practice. Fire burns away obstacles and clears the way for us to make progress on what matters most to us. Seeing is the how we are engaged in the activity and the insights that arise.

Listen to a simple introduction for finding your sitting posture, then choose a practice that supports your development in the body center that wants your attention now.

If you feel scattered, tense, worried and unable to give attention and clarify your financial plan, try focusing your attention here: 

If you feel tight in your chest, closed off from others or overly focused on others ignoring your needs, try accessing your heart here:

If confusion, doubt, or frailty accompany your money actions, try finding strength in your belly here:

Three essential nutrients for thriving are safety, connection and dignity. Give attention to them in your centers to nourish sufficiency.

To feel completely OK access and abide in your body. Begin with breath to enjoy a taste of embodied sufficiency.

Tiny Practices to Explore the Inner Map of Money