the play of sufficiency and generosity

The Virtuous Flow of Somatic Finance

The Virtuous Flow of Somatic Finance is a map of potential and direction to practice. It reflects life fluidly moving with ease, on a Mobius strip, from sufficiency to generosity and from generosity to sufficiency. It explicitly illustrates that there is no end point to achieve — the myth of arrival — but enjoyment in each and every moment. We access and abide on the virtuous flow after facing our limiting beliefs and behavior held in scarcity and greed. Greed and scarcity are the points of practice for all of us.

Money, by the very nature of our ancient and evolving modern world, carries scarcity — which we are called to clean up for the benefit of ourselves as well as humankind. In that clean-up, we grow up too and gain access to the virtuous flow. If we ignore our limiting beliefs and behaviors, scarcity (glued together with fear) begins to reify. In this contracted place greed takes hold — the opposite direction for the financial freedom we seek.

The virtuous flow is a deeper step in, while holding a perspective of what exists without boundaries. There is no inside or outside, but we move fluidly while feeling connected to everyone and everything. The Virtuous Flow abides on the Mobius strip of life.

“Whatever is inside us,” writes Parker J. Palmer in his book A Hidden Wholeness, “continually flows outward to help form, or deform, the world — and whatever is outside us continually flows inward to help form or deform our lives. The Mobius strip is like life itself: here, ultimately, there is only one reality.”

“Our body is an abiding ally with coherent intelligence and stainless truth always revealing information. The choice to access this innate wisdom is ever present. But we must activate that choice.”
—Gayle Colman

Abiding on the virtuous flow is a rhythm of movement, attuned to the moments at hand which  communicate life as it is. Virtuously flowing along the Mobius strip, honoring our body intelligence as money flows — wherever money serves each situation, person or pleasure.

Has your motivation shifted or altered in any way?

What is new that nourishes your motivation to explore?

What beliefs about money hold scarcity or greed?

How does scarcity and greed feel in your body?

Where are the subtle nudges to get started?

If you are moved, please choose a place to playin the abundant resource section, with a self-guided online offering, or engaged with me in coaching, groups or online immersions. May your motivation allow you to choose a practice to clean up scarcity and greed, landing you in the pristine nowness of sufficiency, abiding on the virtuous flow.