Our Vision

The world needs money to move through our hearts.

Somatic Finance is a new way forward in personal finance. Evolving our personal relationship with money is an opportunity for courageous opening and deep transformation, because true wealth is so much more than money. True wealth is the embodied experience of inner sufficiency, of having and being enough. When we feel this sense of inner sufficiency, our joy and generosity flow naturally, not as a concept, but as a direct, visceral experience. We don’t ignore the practical matters of money — it is our modern world. We become money masters — which means your inner wisdom aligns impeccably with manifest actions.

Our mission is to teach embodied finance through classes, events, coaching, writing, videos, audio and practices, so that people everywhere, no matter their current financial situation or mindset, can enjoy whole-body wealth as a felt experience.

When you learn how to trust your body’s intelligence about money, you feel more, you grow more, and you make better financial choices. It is that simple.

In Somatic Finance we learn to dive below the fears and blockages of our conceptual minds and access the wisdom and intelligence of the body, to improve how we relate with money. 

  • Somatic Finance does not negate the mind, nor its capacity for intelligence and reason, particularly in the realm of finance.
  • Somatic Finance does not ignore financial systems, organizations, or the rules that hold our lives together.
  • Somatic Finance does not ignore the divergent views of the collective.

Rather, this approach calls our attention toward the body as a whole, as a source of intelligence, intuition, and insight. More specifically, we look to three major areas of the body: the head, the heart, and the belly. Each of these body centers is a location of deeper meaning and insight, and warrants a full articulation, understanding, and practice.

Guiding Principles

A Path of Financial Integrity

Wealth is More Than Money

Whatever matters most to you is your true wealth. Your values and your passion hold the journey. Together we navigate new territory, uncovering and transforming your precious life, for meaning, passion, and purpose.

Money Isn't Separate

The issues you face around money mirror the issues and potentials you have in your life–self-worth, career, health, family, and more. Your relationship with money is a gateway to deep personal transformation.

Clean Up and Grow Up

Lifelong money debris is a portal to development. As we give attention to our money issues, we clean up obstacles and grow personally. Strengthening financial integrity strengthens our human experience.