Flex. Focus. Flow

by | Jul 9, 2020

“Fulfilling your potential is not only possible,
it’s the only way to find true safety in the world.”

Conscious Loving Ever After, Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks

Human development is a breath-taking journey of seeing new perspectives, exercising new moves, growing stronger muscles. Last month I shared my tender experience of dismantling my parent’s home and their life together over 65 years. My journey has tested a few of my long-held beliefs, energized new actions waiting patiently for me to try, and strengthened dormant capacities ready to support my potential.

Reading this month’s blog, carry these in your heart: the quote above, 
the truth of money fear, and safety, and, 
daily presence to human potential.

As vast and tender as my heart remains, my belly also churns a powerful fire. My ocean heart and sizzling fire co-exist, and must, as we face the realities of each day. Engaging life today—with Covid-19, BIPOC awareness and conscious action, information confusion, and all of the current circumstances calling our attention—is no place for sissies. I recall the words of Bette Davis, who said, “Old age ain’t no place for sissies!” Forget about age, today no one is exempt—every perspective—every action—every intention we generate—matters.

So, as the closing date of my parent’s home draws closer, I feel the emergence and importance of Flex. Focus. Flow. Below is an illustration I drew this morning (digitized for your use), a visual to assist me in seeing my current practice. Flex, Focus, Flow can only be energized in the present moment. It requires my full attention, my full awareness cradling my motivation for this day, and for this life. Yes, it is that big. Can I interest you in grounding your precious life in why you are here, so that … you fulfill your full potential and move from a fear-based desire for safe existence, to flow in true safety, with sufficiency and generosity?

You matter.
Your unique abilities matter.
Your life energy
your giftgenerates good for the world.

Why is this important?

Because true freedom (joy, peace, fulfillment) arrives when we recognize our purpose for life is to acknowledge our gifts and use them for the betterment of all. When I am living my potential, my fulfilment affects you, and others. True safety gives way to ecstatic joy and well-being. In these times, we cannot sit on the sidelines clapping for our favorite team. No, we need to engage on the field. We need to ally with others and improve the world we have created.

Flex your view and flex your muscles and flex your spine.
Focus your attention on what really matters.
Flow your energy through your heart with confidence, care and co-creativity.

Our body gives us direct and immediate feedback when we flex, focus and flow—it is like being plugged into a universal outlet with unceasing energy—replenished with kindness, joy, love and peace. When we are out of alignment, our body also gives us direct and immediate feedback—draining our energy and sometimes generating pain, sickness and negative mind-states.

In July, as we enter the second half of 2020, pause and re-center. Use the suggestions above as a guide. Engage this month’s one-minute water sit as a start to regain a sense of ground and build a strong base for your evolving potential. Flex this muscle to clarify your views, intentions and aspirations. Then come inside and focus to claim the direction of your attention. Expand your awareness and actions with generative flow. 

Flexing, focusing and flowing,

Be Moved to Practice

Flex. Focus. Flow. is a form of presencing—a presencing practice to gain access to all of the bits and bobs of your body intelligence, and deepen your capacity to bring that intelligence forward.

My suggestion is to watch and engage this one-minute water sit several times with varying views. 

First watch the video with your attention primarily on the water and imagining the energy below the surface.

Second, bring your attention primarily on your body and feeling the energy inside and intensifying what you see.

Third, loop your attention back and forth between the ocean and your body—mirroring energies.

Finally, merge the experience to gain a deeper experience of presence, with the support and benefit of your body intelligence.