Now, and the next breath

by | Dec 16, 2021

Listen to Gayle reading the blog aloud.

Hello my friend,

I sit a week away from my 61st birthday writing to you, and the day this arrives in your inbox will be my birthday. Happy birthday to me (and all of you Sagittarians out there!).

I am also one week away from my last day in our home of 33 years. My beloved and partner is not able to be present with me in this final run of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual transition; I am alone in the packing, completing, and saying good-bye.

Not my choice, and what is.

So, as a teacher trained in the Gateless Writing method, I go to the page – where my heart gets to speak through my typing hands. I write, and my heart goes happy, softening, opening, ready to shine. This is my Now.

What is your Now?

Given all that has transpired this year, (take a breath), in your personal space…
Given all that has transpired this year, (take a breath), in your family space…
Given all that has transpired this year, (take a breath), in your community, the United States, the world…

What is true? Alive. Real. Awakening?

I believe, and perhaps others can prove, we are on the cusp of big stuff, evolutionary shit that my brain cannot grasp but my body beams in neon lights.

The comforting plans I make, the plans that my very skilled prefrontal cortex uses to show me how tomorrow, next week and the year will unfold, are being revealed as the illusions they are.

Changes are happening at a faster pace and expanded amplitude. We are in the ocean riding the waves.

What are your waves? Likely different from mine, but I believe you have them. Perhaps they are personal waves, or societal, or cosmic, connected to the infinite life force, or all of the above.

In such waves, surfing skills are mandatory if you don’t want to drown.

I’m not kidding.

We may not be surfing the literal ocean, but we need real skills to balance, flex our knees, read the situation, adjust, and stay connected to our sense of okayness.

We build these skills from the inside out.

We come home to our heart and our belly to sense, feel and experience these body centers as the unwavering abiding truth that in this moment of NOW, I am OK.

Our plans, including financial plans, are maps of possibilities to assist our active rational brains’ need for control and certainty. But, as Ken Wilber says, our plans are not the territory.

The territory is now. The territory is the life we live, preciously singular and part of an intricate whole, visceral in our bones, blood, and bravery.

Right now, I’m riding the waves of joy, gratitude, and grief. And frustration, confidence, and forgiveness. And appreciation, vulnerability, and heck, maybe all of the emotions in Brené Brown’s new book, Atlas of Love.


I’m ok. I’m sufficient. I’ve got this. You do too. I’ve never felt more preciously human than now.

Perhaps, like our world, I am birthing into my next being?

Here’s what is brewing in my body for 2022. Please join me – I love your company!

  • Tiny audio practices to continue muscle building
  • Gateless writing salons (no writing experience required)
  • SoulSpacing amplified-we’re on to something crucial
  • Truth sharing, authentically speaking and cutting through BS (Gosh, I’m surprised at these words! I have no idea what they might become, but my heart does!)
  • And more… surprises to meet you.

I end our time together today with a statement of gratitude and a birthday wish!

First, thank you for being present with me on the page and experimenting with practices.

Writing brings me alive and I cherish writing for you. I appreciate you reading because without you there would be no reason to write. (I hear my voice often enough! LOL)

Second, for my birthday wish, I would love for you to…

  1. Enjoy a deep gorgeous breath saying hello to your belly.
  2. Smile in your heart.
  3. Share this blog with someone.
  4. Invite others to subscribe to my blog, if you benefit from these writings.

May the remainder of 2021 be enriching, complete and satisfying-filled with warm fuzzies, if that is your jam.

May 2022 be filled with blessings, bursting with all that you can imagine, and are willing to release, for something even better.

Oceans of joy,

Tiny Body Practice

Present with Now & SoulSpacing … again!

Now, say goodbye with me to my home of 33 years.

How do you complete and say goodbye? And…how does your SoulSpace support you?

Whether you are simply moving from 2021 to 2022, or you are in the midst of ginormous transitions like me, choose a full conscious completion, saying goodbye and receive SoulSpace support in the process.

Choose your SoulSpace.

Declare your completions-large or small.

Add some mojo (I am enjoying candles and incense.)

Make this yours, and make it count.

Here is my Tiny Practice:

Being with the trees, I walk amongst them breathing, appreciating and receiving.

My body immediately relaxes and drops closer to the earth.

I declare my love, appreciation and cherishing of this land and home.

My breath and my heart slow down.

I am present with Now, nothing to do.

As I appreciate now, I open to what is next.

Where are your soul spaces – assisting you with your 2021 completions, to make room for the nourishment, joy, love and light ready for you in 2022?

Deepening Practice

Walk With Me

Now and the Next Breath

by Gayle | Dec 30, 2021

Hello my beautiful friend,

December’s deepening practice is Presencing SoulSpace, a name that continues to evolve matching the practice itself. We began 2021 with an invitation to claim our SoulSpace and energize that space as often as possible. Little did I know a year ago how important SoulSpaces would be to our well-being -physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

With my developing SoulSpace practice, I recognize my initial suggestion of “getting in nature” or “a place of “awe” is the gateway to SoulSpacing. With practice, I see the imperative for a gateless view – SoulSpace wherever you are located, because your Soul is always with you and the space is always ripe for nourishing, YOU.

Tiny Body Practice

Presencing SoulSpace

Practice Preparation:

How are you in your life, right now? Completing? Beginning? Celebrating? Grieving?

And…how does your SoulSpace support you?

Whether you are simply moving from this year to the next, or you are in the midst of ginormous transitions, or celebrations, or losses, or all of these experiences, choose presence with SoulSpace support.

The Practice:

Listen to the Tiny Practice – Presencing SoulSpace

With a comfortable gaze or closed lids…

Take three nourishing breaths to arrive in your body.
Notice where in your body your breath takes you.
Deepen your breath by counting to four on the inhale.
Lengthen your breath by counting to six on the exhale.

Allow this rhythm to settle your mind and body presence for a few breaths.
Notice the sensations arising in your body.
No judgment or evaluation – just presence.

Notice the temperature on your skin. Perhaps hands or face.
Notice the temperature inside your body. Perhaps your limbs, or chest.

Notice the pressure on your body. Perhaps your bottom in the chair or feet on the ground.
Notice the pressure inside your body. Perhaps in your jaw, or in your back.

Notice the movement around your body. Perhaps a breeze on your skin, or light flickering in the space.
Notice the movement inside your body. Perhaps swirling in your belly, or ripples up your spine.

Your body is your unique SoulSpace.
Allow the movement, pressure and temperature to be – what it is,
and with awareness of all that is arising right now,
recognize you are arriving and abiding in your SoulSpace.

What’s happening now, inside and outside of your body?


How does presencing SoulSpace assist you with each moment, and make room for the nourishment, joy, love and light ready for you to receive?

How does abiding in SoulSpace enable you to be present with all of life – regardless of what is delivered?

What realizations are available to you now?

Abide here as long as you desire.
When complete, feel and express gratitude.

Post Practice

Reflect with curiosity.
What does my body SoulSpace feel like?
What is the same or different for me each presencing SoulSpace practice?
What is opening up and becoming more accessible to me?
How does presencing SoulSpace serve me, and others?