How much does openness & willingness catalyze results?

by | Aug 6, 2012

How much does openness and willingness catalyze results? I wonder …

So, I am going to share something personal in my professional life. (When this is published I will be well immersed in a meditation retreat. So this experience is happening in mid-July for full disclosure.) First, one of the roles I energize in our firm is Client Cultivator. In short hand, the purpose of this role is to acquire new clients. Simple enough. But, what if my energy and way of being is not aligned with the results this role is called to achieve? Follow me here.

In a meeting with a colleague to refresh the potential client proposal process I blurted, “I don’t want to meet any new people.” To which he responded, very thoughtfully, “well, do you see how that posture might have an impact on this role and attracting new clients?” Yes. When I gave clear attention to my statement, I realized that my statement was an old statement more reflective of the past couple of years where I have felt stretched and pulled to attend to others. For the past month, with new talent effectively energizing the roles in our firm, I have softened and opened to new people. Truthfully, I really love meeting new people, hearing their money journey and honoring their desire to make progress in their personal and financial life. And wouldn’t you know interest in our services is flowing wildly.

Energy flow is real. Your energy, openness and willingness matter. So, where in your life are you holding an old belief, a static nuisance, that doesn’t apply anymore?  Is your openness serving you to catalyze results? I wonder …


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