Earliest Money Memory

by | Mar 20, 2013

What’s your earliest money memory? I wonder …

This question was offered in a workshop setting more than 15 years ago as a warm-up for the participants.  It was not a new question; I had previously thought about early money situations many times.  But in this context it gave us a deeper thread to follow.  I’ve discovered for myself and with my clients that our earliest money memories can be the catalyst to create  either a positive foundation or negative foundation for our lifelong money relationship.

What’s your truth? When you reflect on your childhood, allowing your mind to rest on the first memory, what comes to mind? How does this story show up in your life today, even in the most subtle way? Does it bring constriction in your body or spacious movement?

Whatever your early money story, deemed positive or negative, are you willing to create new realities that serve you today and offer future beneficial memories tomorrow?  I wonder…



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