What is Your Soul Space?

by | Jan 14, 2021

Life is a journey of self-discovery and wonder,
full of purpose using life’s unique wealth.
I invite you to go where I have gone.
Walk with me.
I’ll never ask you to go where I have not been before.
Walk with me.

Hello friend, beautiful you!

Welcome to 2021. With a nod to wonder, I acknowledge that the turn of the year felt oddly neutral to me. As I felt this “sameness feeling,” I named and claimed the concept of the 12-month calendar, and I appreciated that valuable tool with a wink and a nod. But then I turned to the trees outside, leafless, still, and sprinkled with a frosting of snow. Winter is our time and our current space. Winter has a special feel that doesn’t care about an annual calendar. The seasons uniquely touch our soul to let us know where we are in the flow of life.
If you have felt a similar sameness, or if you love a clear structure of January through December to mark the year, I welcome you to walk with me. This year let’s retrace our steps and see where we can improve our moves—our money moves and more. Where can we learn new ideas and shift old ones? I’m talking about feelings of being alone, feelings of angst, feelings of WTF!?!  I’m thinking of isolating beliefs like, if it is meant to be it is up to me, when in truth, we are in this together. Let’s lean into this new idea: we can make a better world for ourselves and for others.
If you want to play, explore your wealth, learn new ideas, practice new moves, and if you want to do it with others, I am extending a hand for you to hold. We are going to play together in new space—inside our life with practices, writing, and explorations—and outside in the world, in our everyday life, as we inhabit our body to engage true wealth.
Walk with me.

Walk with Me Videos

How are we going to connect?
One way is walking with me, monthly and spontaneously, on videos as we explore together. The above video invites you to find, engage, and claim your Soul Space regularly to nourish your physical, mental and emotional state of being. Our nervous systems have been in overdrive for a while and we can benefit from a bit of care. Soul Space practice naturally nourishes our nerves and all systems follow suit.

Home Play Practices

Going to practice is a reliable way to learn and grow. The Home Play practices I offer you will be suggestions for friendly discoveries.
Curious what Home Play practice is like? Below is a tiny practice to Claim Your Soul Space. In two weeks, I’ll offer a deeper dive practice – an exploration to amplify the benefits of being in your Soul Space with wonder questions for your writing journal.
Each month, I will invite you to these Home Play practices from an open, generous place, with full recognition some invitations will feel better than others. You and I have many claims on our attention. My inbox is filled, too, with all the ways I can be helped, improve and grow. If you are ever overwhelmed, use these emails as a chance to simply breathe. 

Year of Wealth 2021 – Inner Money Map

For Year of Wealth 2021, I will be leading a group on Facebook to explore our Inner Money Map. Using the Inner Map created by Julia Colwell, Ph.D., based on David Hawkins’ “Map of Consciousness,” we will explore sourced by our Soul Space and become attuned with the emotional states held in our Creative Brain and our Reactive Brain. When we are scared, sad and angry, our reactive energy consumes our vitality and well-being. We don’t feel safe, connected, or worthy. Our nervous system is frazzled and agitated. But when we attune to emotional states related to reactive and creative energy, we operate from wholeness. We are able to claim our natural, inspired skillful and resourceful energy.
I will offer short videos, writing prompts, silent solo salons, group salons, inspirations and more – as the group energy flows.
While we claim and spend time in our Soul Space to nourish us, we can explore our states of mind and emotions, choosing activities together, conversing, and writing. If this invitation seems interesting to you, click this link on Facebook to join the group (and me!)

Tiny Practice – Claim your Soul Space

I am serious about your Soul Space. Not serious in a growly-face way, but serious in an important way.

If you do not know or have a sense of your soul space, reflect upon these open questions below.

Where do you reliably feel relaxed, centered, calm?
In what situations do you feel agitated and a need to bolt?
When young, where did you like to play?
How do you center and come “home” to yourself?
What ways do you support your tensions and reactivity?

Get curious about the above and experiment.

Often our Soul Space is in nature, but not always.
Beauty, any kind of beauty, also feeds our soul.
Museums, Music, Dance and Movement are soul supports.
You may have multiple Soul Spaces, we often do.

When you recognize your Soul Space, frequent that space often to nourish your body and state of mind.

Remember, opening to support from Soul Space is reliable, easy, and free of projection. Let me quickly unpack the statement. Soul Space is free. Free in the sense that to go outside, or view a sunset, or smell a rose does not require money. Beauty is generously given in most Soul Spaces. (I say most because I don’t know if your Soul Space might require an entrance fee, in a museum perhaps.) Soul Space asks for nothing except to be received. Soul Space doesn’t share any judgments, ideas, or random debris.

Your only action is to open and receive.
Receive the nourishment so generously offered.

Enjoy the videos of me in my Soul Space on the beach, as you commit to claiming your Soul Space and regularly nourishing your body, mind, and energy.

Jan 28, 2021

Hi, beautiful people,

Did you get a chance to find your Soul Space and spend some time in it? If not, the opportunity is always available, right here and now. Here are the open questions for you to reflect upon to assist you:

  • Where do you reliably feel relaxed, centered, calm?
  • When young, where did you like to play?
  • How do you know you are centered and “home”?
  • What places and spaces support the release of your tensions and reactivity?

Here is another look at the beach, where I walk, hang out and briefly discuss my Soul Space.

After finding and claiming your Soul Space, we choose to be in that space regularly to refuel and energize our sore muscles, our stressed nervous system, our achy heart, our tired mind.

Remember, opening to support from Soul Space is reliable, easy, and free of projection. Soul Space is free. Free in the sense that to go outside, or view a sunset, or smell a rose does not require money. And, here’s the amazing part, once your Soul Space experiences are embodied, you can go there at any time just by bringing your Soul Space to mind.

Soul Space asks for nothing except to be received.

Your only action is to open and allow.

Receive the nourishment so generously offered.

The Practice


Be physically in your Soul Space or engage in visualization of your Soul Space. Both practices will support you. How long you spend in your Soul Space is your choice. Ten minutes to a day – and any length in between.

[In visualization, find a location free of interruptions and get in a comfortable physical position, lying down perhaps. Close your eyes and bring to mind your Soul Space. Remember a time you were there with all of your senses – feeling the experience in your body. Taste, touch, smell, sight, sounds come alive in your visualization. Then follow the instructions below in visualization.]

  • Move, walk, stand still or lie down.
  • Bring your attention to your body shape. Breathe in all pores to deepen your connection.
  • Choose to receive support in any way from your Soul Space. Ask for what you want. [If you don’t know what you want, ask to receive what is for your highest good.]
  • Open your heart, your chest area, and receive.
  • Open further and receive more.
  • Each breath, recognize with your senses, focusing on one at a time, the nourishment you are receiving.
  • Open your attention to your entire body and receive more.
  • When complete, close your practice with a word of gratitude.

Journaling or Reflection

Post practice, either writing or spontaneous reflection, consider the following prompts and wonder questions to receive more, and gain insights.

  • How is receiving nourishment in your Soul Space different and/or the same as other places you inhabit?
  • How does being in your Soul Space support you in other areas of your life?
  • What do you notice about your ability to respond to stressful situations or agitated people?
  • Wonder deeper about how to sustain the benefits of Soul Space nourishment. Try it for a writing prompt.