What Matters Most

by | Oct 29, 2019

Today I was challenged, by a long-time friend and colleague, to reveal…

• What matters most to me about Somatic Finance, my motivation for giving time and energy to this work, and,
• Intimate and personal feedback from recipients of my work over the years.

One way to answer the above is to frame the conversation in stages of life. My professional training for financial planning ignited in college and my early twenties. For the last four decades I have given my professional life to the work of money through the practices of financial planning; more accurately, Integral Wealth planning. During the same period, recognizing and practicing integral theory, I engaged in other human developmental trainings and practices (somatic meditation, breath and movement, energetic healing) to name a few. Through direct experiential discovery, I realized that all of our life choices are optimized when we include the unique intelligence housed in our body. Even though throughout life our work, play and practices and our body may appear separate, they are not ever separate.

One experience always informs another. We are, in fact, integrated beings. The more I delved into interior practices and exterior manifestations, the more my spirit was stirred to offer my direct experiences and insights for the benefit of others. After all, my motivation when I started at age 22 to become a financial planner and help people make wise financial decisions has never wavered. This motivation remains, in a mature form; I have discovered wise financial decisions did not arise from our brain, but rather from our heart.

All disciplines grow up and mature along with the evolution of our human species. Financial disciplines, the profession of financial planning, are included. In the early 2000’s I understood that the ways of money were limited and needed something more. Through my study, training and engagement of somatic practices, I discovered directly the essence of body intelligence and how this unique wisdom applied to our work in finance. My calling to bring this forward in 2006 has only grown stronger with each step and each breath.

Though crazy to some and weird to others, a few curious beings have received these ideas with a leap of faith and willingness to explore. With growing interest from an evolving culture, it has been deeply satisfying to witness the outcomes of those open and willing and able… to engage in an expanded approach.

By the way, I am careful and very intentional about clarifying that this new way is in addition to the effective and essential financial practices already present. Nothing is taken away. Whatever is working for you, please continue. Body wisdom complements everything that benefits you. Opening to our interior wisdom is kind of like a super-power waiting to be your best friend.

Working with clients, and most recently with a group of seasoned financial professionals, I offer a few paraphrases of communication to me, after engaging in a somatic practice I offered.

There are no words to describe my experience. But each time I am in one your sessions, I am moved deeply. Something happens that enables me to see more and feel more.

You and your work are instrumental in how I show up for clients. Meeting you and receiving your wisdom has been essential to my development as a financial planner. My clients benefit from all that I have learned from my body, taught to me by you.

Whatever is happening, as difficult as it might be, I know to come home to my breath and body. This is the first and most powerful step that allows me to let go of external baggage and allow good decisions to follow.

I learn so much from you that is far more important than all other tools combined. I wanted you to know how important you have been in my life.

As I recall and write these responses from people who are learning to access the wisdom of their body, several thoughts arise.

The first and perhaps most prominent is – none of the wisdom they gain is from me. The appreciation is directed at me and “my work”; however, the beauty and profundity of their experience is all their own. I did very little except create the space, point the way and let them know what is possible if they are willing. While I do not deny my motivation, capacities and wisdom, I am also keenly aware that each of us possess innate wisdom ready to be revealed through somatic practices.

Second, when we touch an aspect of ourselves where fresh wisdom resides – it is often difficult to put into words. We are not familiar with our expansion of insight, coming from within us. Our natural tendency in these situations is to project it outside, hence, appreciations to me for their experience. I am humbled by and receive these points of gratitude, as I clap my hands to encourage further practice.

Third, far more interesting for you, the reader, is to take these words and statements as fuel for your own practice, your own journey. Allow these nuggets to be inspiration for you to get curious about the wisdom your body holds for you. Are you willing to engage practices and seek new intelligence held in your body?

Let me know. I offer my unconditional support, guidance and joy.

Revealing truths and encouragement,




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