Be Body Present, Savor NOW

by | Aug 1, 2011

Minute one: Locate yourself either sitting, standing or lying down. Feel the part of your body touching the floor, chair or earth. Breathe into your belly.

Minute two: Begin to scan your body from your feet to your head. Begin by putting all of your attention on your feet. Notice the sensations in your feet… heat, pulsing tingles.

Minute three: Expand the sensations up your legs by putting your attention on your legs; add your arms. Notice the energy in your limbs. Breathe.

Minute four: Connect your legs and arms by including your torso. Be fully aware of your body below the neck. What sensations do you notice? Breathe.

Minute five: Include your entire body in your awareness. Breathe and enjoy the presence of your body.

Complete your practice by savoring the felt sense of your body. Express an appreciation to your body. (i.e. I appreciate how my body feels; I appreciate how my body moves from point A to point B.)


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