Are You On a Journey or a Quest?

by | May 12, 2021

Listen to Gayle reading the blog aloud.

Hello my beautiful friend,
Before you answer, let’s clarify this — a Journey and a Quest aren’t the same. A coaching colleague put it this way: A Journey takes us along a path to a specific goal or outcome. A Quest doesn’t have a clarified goal. Both move us – forward – yet they hold different experiences and outcomes.
Most often in our financial planning services we are on a Journey with our clients. Through a structured process, we create documents and reports that reflect the metrics of the journey unfolding. These documents facilitate important and meaningful conversation that knits together what matters most to our clients. Clients experience their financial lives in concert with their personal aspirations. They reach their objectives at periodic points, bringing well-being and satisfaction to their lives.
But sometimes, our work with clients goes deeper, wider and on unworn trails. These clients are on a Quest.
They are searching for something that is not yet known. Our activities, our process and structure are very different from a Journey. Our curiosity, willingness to explore, ability to be in the unknown, to be a beginner over and over again, are imperative as we enter the sacred space of a Quest. 
Both a journey and quest are important roads to travel. Neither is better or worse or preferred. They are simply different.
Different periods or stages in our life might call for one or the other. To be fulfilled on a journey is deeply enriching and soul satisfying. Our joy, generosity and peace flourish as we skillfully plan, anticipate, follow steps and meet the destination.
Yet others have a lingering longing for something that is un-namable, yet persistently tugs at their sleeve. They hear soft whispers calling them forward, though current, louder noise prevents hearing. To catch the quiet voice requires different attention.
Clients often respond with relief when we recognize that there is a difference between a Quest and a Journey. We no longer have to blame ourselves and others for the struggle of walking a path that doesn’t fit. When we can point to a different path and honor that truth, we feel seen, safe and open to take that next step.
Where are you traveling these days? A Journey or a Quest? Which path meets you best, now?
During times of transition, pivotal points in life where loss, change, disruption are amplified, being aware of the path you are traveling is imperative. Our life in 2020 with Covid-19 and our life in 2021 with the rollout of the Vaccine are present examples of pivotal points carrying loss, change and disruption.
As you continue your life practices, financial and more, be kind in your steps. Let kindness permeate you and your actions, and listen deeply in the quiet moments.
Is a clear structured path holding you well and serving all of your needs? If so, acknowledge the Journey you are taking with confidence and clarity.
If you feel wobbles, particularly in your body, hear the calls you may not have heard before. Let yourself slow down to listen closer to the unknown, a bit scary, yet exciting. Honor that truth with a response to listen deeper.
Hear the whispers of your longing and with courageous attention move closer inside – accept the Quest of your life, now.
Walking with you, on your Journey or Quest,

Walk With Me

Tiny Body Practice

Take Two Walks – a Journey and a Quest

Physical movement helps us to contemplate important questions by loosening the grip of figuring it out. When we move, we engage our entire brain and access both our rational strategic skills and our creative pops. Answers and insights emerge easily and naturally when we relax into our question.

Practice Preparation
In this practice, you are walking with a specific intention. Here are four ways of entering into this practice:

  1. Walk as a journey with a specific destination,
  2. Walk reflecting upon your current Journeys,
  3. Walk as a quest without a defined destination, or
  4. Walk reflecting upon your current Quests.

Journey Walking

  1. Go for a walk with a specific planned destination. While walking, be aware of your journey from start to finish. Notice what it is like, in your body and in your thoughts, when you are engaged in a journey walk.
  2. Go for a timed walk with a planned destination. While on the walk, contemplate one or two of the present Journeys in your life. For example, are you buying or selling a home, starting a business, ending a partnership? Recognize the structure that holds you while you are on this path to a destination.

Quest Walking

  1. Go for a walk spontaneously without knowing a destination. It could be called aimless wandering. Notice what it is like, in your body and your thoughts, when you are walking without a compass to a destination and simply following your impulse on a quest walk.
  2. Go for a walk choosing to contemplate the potential current Quest in your life. There is nothing to do, just walk and wonder. Allow your senses to open and enjoy and receive.

Deepening Practice

May 27, 2021

Hello beautiful, handsome, you,

When I write and offer practices, I want to reiterate that I am engaging the reflections and practices too. So, it is with deep reverence and grace I post this deepening practice for you this month… moving like an amoeba on my own Quest.

Our blog this month pointed to the differences (in one view) of a Journey or Quest:

A Journey takes us along a path to a specific goal or outcome.

A Quest doesn’t have a clarified goal.

Both move us – forward – yet they hold different experiences and outcomes.

Journeys are very familiar to me and I feel great confidence in my ability to journey – start to finish – with a well designed and implemented plan. Of course, there are surprises along the way and these bring delight and amusement dynamically steering toward a known goal.

Presently though, I am on a new Quest, and I notice three distinct differences from a journey that I did not fully realize or appreciate until now. They are:

  1. Quests are very individual and likely primarily solo. I feel very alone, but not lonely. Get to know the difference. It’s huge.

  2. Our hearts and feelings are tender and vulnerable on Quests. Physical sensations, thoughts and emotions are but a nano second away. Done skillfully, I hold on to nothing allowing my body, emotions and thoughts to reveal and release. I am a breathing cleanse. Not so skillful, I watch how “some of me” is scared, tight and trying to figure it out – protecting something.

  3. Quests stretch our world well beyond our conditioned views and imagination – making the ground very groundless. Trust remains my best friend holding my hand as beliefs, behaviors and my life, as I have thought it to be, opens up and unravels.

Tiny Body Practice

Take YOUR Walk – a Journey or Quest

Practice Preparation

In this deepening practice, recognize your kind of walk based upon your current reality and choose either Journey Walking or Quest Walking. Follow the prompts for each experience. Bonus points for bringing a money situation into your experience.

Journey Walking

  1. Go for a timed walk with a planned destination. While on the walk, contemplate one of the present Journeys in your life (i.e. buying or selling a home, starting a business or new job, ending a partnership). Recognize the structure (the decisions, timelines, milestones and more) that holds you while you are on this path to a clear destination.

While walking, notice what happens inside of you – your thoughts, feelings and sensations.

What thoughts arise?

What emotions come up?

What sensations are present

2. Upon your return, take a few moments to write your discoveries.

  • How did your thoughts support your journey and next steps? Are there tasks you want to add to your structure?
  • What emotions, came up while walking that assisted you in clarity and making better decisions? Can you add new insights to your way of being or connecting on your Journey?
  • What body sensations arrived as part of the journey walking practice? More tension, or ease? And then what? What might you be discovering about How you are on the Journey?
  • Complete by integrating all of your discoveries and decisions in your clear dynamic structure.

Quest Walking

  1. Spontaneously choose a place to walk without a destination. I like to call it aimless wandering. Notice what it is like, in your body – thoughts, feelings and sensations – when you are walking without a compass to no destination and allowing your impulse and inspiration to guide you.

While walking, just walk and let the walk be your teacher.

2. Upon your return, lay down on the ground on your back, relaxing and receiving the benefit of your walk. Allow whatever arises to be what it is, building your Trust muscles, Self-Love muscles and Feeling Muscles.