Form and Flow; Tight and Loose

by | Feb 2, 2015

Last month you read: it was radical take action time.

So I took action to begin a writing sabbatical and spend 90% of my time on specific writing projects. Indian Rocks Beach, Florida, where I was born and raised and where family remains, was my first destination to launch my new structure and take action. To support my purpose, I used the structure skills that have served me well in my profession, up until now. Actions such as: earmarking specific time on my calendar to write, detailing a mind-map of writing priorities, being cognizant of mind body balance with exercise and nutritious eating; very common ideas.

But these best of practice ways don’t always apply. I quickly realized that my schedule served me to a point, and then gave me a powerful portal for growing in “non-structure.”

In action, we can quickly realize that the play of action happens in polarities, along a continuum and dimensionally. In one direction you feel infinite space, in another direction you feel impermeable density. In other words, action can be in a well-structured container or in free-flowing swirls without edges, and everywhere in between. In these directions, action can be rapid or inert, moving fast or stuck still. We experience, need and use all points or places in varying paces living life.

I’m learning and living – life isn’t one direction or another – one curve opposite a jagged edge – rooting deep rather than flying high. Supportive structure, which may feel like no structure at all, includes all of these simultaneously available and we navigate action as required for that moment toward a particular result held in profound motivation.

When my mother called and asked me to lunch, apologizing profusely for interrupting me, I went; we enjoyed a sweet meal, simple conversation and surprise pedicures. My mother just turned 84 and signs of mental fragility are very evident. When my father, wise and mentally sharp, asked for my assistance solving an error on his automatic bill paying, there was no question about my answer. My father is 87 and physically deteriorating with both humility and frustration.

In the first few weeks of radically changing my structure, or more directly said, moving in a lack of structure, I am learning 1) about creative space, 2) about well-developed structure habits, 3) a new way to appreciate where I am, just as I am, and 4) the ingredients for a juicy neutral zone* (William Bridges’ name for the space between an ending and a new beginning.)

Creative Space, Habits and Appreciation

Creative space has its own intelligence. Do not think your way in the creative space. Just, be where you are in the space. Do not try to create something different than what wants to happen. A shift to more structure or more flow will naturally arise and your body senses the “rightness” of the movement, the space, and the presence.

The mind, our ego which has preferences and patterns for one or the other, may show up to tease with truth. Acknowledge your preference and pattern with light-heartedness. Oh that is how it is so, or was. Thank you.

Then move again in wisdom.

For thirty years I have moved in a well-structured container employing traditional daily work hours in a typical “work-week.” To be out of that structure has been both liberating and terrifying. In the no structure space I am learning effective habits for healthy creating and appreciating my new muscle building – being in the effective flow of varying structures. If you are curious about the structures that you are in from day to day and week to week, even in your money structures, and you want to build new muscles, consider playing with the following ingredients.

Ingredients for Creative Action

These are the fruitful ingredients for healthy creative action: discipline, fresh Eyes and motivation. Discipline can be interpreted as painful or hard yet its essence offers the web of energy to return. Without discipline we get lost – in thought, distractions, external temptation – and lack the muscle to return to our called action. Money discipline is the same. Fresh eyes keep us interested when what we are creating seems off or lacks inspiration or is woefully dull. The pulse of curiosity can be the tether to the next breakthrough or next profound introduction. When we hold fresh eyes in our money practices, we optimize our integral wealth. Finally, our motivation is the underpinning of all action, whether we realize it or not. Motivation comes from the belly, the heart and the head. Motivation in the belly is our integrity. Motivation in our heart is our calling. Motivation in our head is our wisdom. Money motivation weaves just like this.

Blending my recent experience and the above writing, I am reminded of the Art of Hosting process architecture; there is a vital step toward resonance, called divergence. Taking action in form and flow, tight or loose happens in the divergence and convergent space. Divergent space doesn’t know where action will go, from one moment to the next. It is that supportive structure which feels like no structure at all.

May your creative money actions be healthy – supported by fresh ingredients and strong muscles.

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