I Can Do That… cat fur coasters & phone cover

by | Dec 30, 2023

It’s close to that time, stepping into a new year, preparing shining new calendars to organize life. My head says I should be writing something pithy and profound. My heart says please offer generous sentiments of peace, love, kindness waking up our world. My belly says, let’s go with action, creativity, and confidence.

My belly won.

Let’s give attention to the richness of creativity, a juicy part of a truly wealth life. Our creative pursuits fuel our mind, heart and soul in myriad ways, sometimes for our individual pleasure, sometimes for our closest family and friends, and sometimes for the world.

Since July, two hours each Friday morning, I have devoted to creative expression within the Buoyant Art Studio container. I joined Susie deVille’s studio with a few other creative soulsisters. My experience cracked open a sweet sliver of my artistic side – expanding a dormant space of my genius. Who knew?

Before my news builds expectations of really great beautiful art, let me align with truth. I’ve got a “I can do that” gene – it runs rampant in my family of origin and from family stories, I am certain it runs in my ancestry. I wonder if there is a 23 & Me test for that?

Here’s what I can do that looks like. Visiting a new home of my brother and sister-in-law years ago, I admired their bar chairs at their kitchen counter. She thanked me, adding comments filled with a smidgen of anger. “It took us 10 months to get these seats. Originally, I had these on order for delivery but your brother stopped the order by saying, “I can do that”, I can make those stools. As I nodded my head with agreement, she exclaimed, “What’s wrong with you people?”

Just because we say, “I can do that”, doesn’t mean it happens, or happens swiftly,

“I can do that” is also not synonymous with “well done”. It holds determination, confidence (earned or not), creative zhuzh and some may say – chutzpah.

I make things because it is fun, and I can do it, which is the case of the cat fur coasters. You are perched with baited breath… what are cat fur coasters?

Drum roll… these are cat fur coasters.

Priceless, one of a kind, never to be in production – Cat Fur Coasters Felted Cat Fur, courtesy of our short hair, Ekajati

Inspired by an Instagram video my son sent to me demonstrating how to make cat fur sliders (yes, shoes for cats made out of cat fur), I could not resist my spark. After laughter and amusement, I thought – I can do that. I mean, who wouldn’t want to craft cat fur felt? For nine months I lovingly brushed Ekajati, gathered her limp short hair fur in a ball and swirled felt circles in the palm of my hands. My growing pile of felt circles begged to be paw coasters.

I know. You are amazed, riveted, speechless, awed, and inspired too.

My son, Knight, who sent me the IG video, was the lucky recipient of these fine coasters this Christmas. He almost left them at our home. When I reminded him, he said his girlfriend was allergic to cat fur. Undeterred, I suggested he could use them in his office at work.

Knight was not the only lucky family recipient of my creative work. Two days before Santa was to arrive, I was reminded that my beloved asked for a new phone cover. Not knowing if I could satisfy my promise with a purchase, I thought, yes, you guessed it, I can do that. With cardboard, tape, paint, glue, you bet your sweet bippy I produced a phone cover.

Here’s what happened:

Rich’s response was almost enthusiastic, slightly amused yet primarily concerned that his camera lens was blocked by the blue tape. He didn’t exactly appreciate the humor, or that I could do that.

Here’s the thing about I can do that.

  • It’s creativity joined with purpose.
  • It’s priceless.
  • It’s usually conceived solo.
  • It focuses attention.
  • It’s determination lands the plane.
  • It’s ease and joy fills the experience.
  • It’s not for everybody, they think. I disagree. Everyone has a bit of I can do that.

Everyone carries this gene, an undercurrent of creative expression sparking enthusiasm that cannot, nor should not, be contained.

Welcoming our new year, breathe into your belly.

Activate your generative joy and creative expression, just because.

I believe if we give attention to our undeniable creative impulses, our motivation for peace, love and kindness will emerge in those generative expressions.

I can do that.

How about you?