Moving in Structure, Moving in Flow

by | Feb 19, 2015

PURPOSE: To expand awareness of and capacity for moving in structure, moving in flow and wisdom to choose for the moment.

PREPARATION: Comfortable clothing preferable

Minute one: Stand tall and note where your body is located. Imagine to your left is structured space and to your right is flow space. Notice the felt sense in your body of “neutral” space.

Minute two: Take a step to your left in the structure space. Repeat with words: I am in structure space. Move your body (arms, legs, head) in form, mirroring structure. Notice the action.

Minute three: Return to neutral and feel the difference. Recognize your preference.

Minute four: Take a step to your right in the unstructured space. Repeat with words: I am in no structure. Move your body (arms, legs, head) formlessly, mirroring no structure. Notice the action.

Minute five: Return to neutral and feel the difference. Recognize your preference.

Complete your practice by appreciating both structure and form. Recognize the benefit of developing capacity to move in both structure and form. What is your preference? Now, practice the other!

Daily 5 minute Practice: Practice the muscle (structure or non-structure) that is calling you to develop.
With strength, begin to practice flow, from structure to non-structure and back to structure.

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