Screaming Noise, Listen to the Whispers… of your own voice

by | Mar 2, 2015

Does this action feel familiar to you? Fed up with junk email, even with a fully operating “junk filter,” spending hours unsubscribing from emails? Then within a few weeks it seems that the proliferation of junk mail is back? At most, 10% of the electronic communication I receive is meaningful. The rest of the messages are Screaming Noise. This is my reaction to the plethora of emails that arrive – most unsolicited. It makes me wonder, how is this working for the senders? My sense is that recipients are not thrilled for another invitation for self-help and evolution. Free event! Please register! Give me your email address and those of ten of your friends. You won’t want to miss this opportunity. In the financial field we receive market announcements from every product sales team under the sun (moon, stars and galaxy). And, as a cast of a thousand, receiving notices for beauty creams, vacations, books, restaurants, and local events that I must have or do. More stuff, more action.

I confess: last month I answered one of those invitations. The speaker is a well-known thought leader and I wanted to hear her voice. The discussion was just OK. Regretfully the content was not new and the last 20 minutes of the free program were enticements to sign up for the 12-week program. I was promised all kinds of goodies and activities and exercises to fill whatever perceived gap is looming in my life.

Now, you guessed it, I get a daily email from this thought leader and her sponsoring group. The Screaming Noise is for me to sign up for the course, only $495. If I sign up early, I will receive all of these bonus things, yada, yada, yada.

Listen to the Whispers of your own voice.

Write the whispers of your voice in your whisper journal. (See next months 5 Minute Try-It for the specific practice!)

Just writing those words and sensing into the whispers of my voice is soothing. I feel calm already. My nervous system says, thank you. Can you hear the whisper of your own voice?

With the over abundance of snow in our part of the country, the quality of the energy gives way to deeper listening. There is a hunker-down, be still, sense the close container in the air. The snowfall and lingering mounds almost beg us to be quiet, whisper and turn off that Screaming Noise. Nature has such a powerful way – possibly not so friendly sometimes – to get us to pay attention, doesn’t she?

Money can also feel like Screaming Noise.

Instead of the potential calm and confidence available to us, money creates urgency for action. Actually, it isn’t money that creates the urgency; it is the agents of money (any person/entity – professional or personal – retaining fear and scarcity in money behavior) perpetuating this urgent frenzy. We don’t need to listen to the Screaming Money Noise either.

Gas prices are escalating! Fill up your tank now!
Red-hot deals! 50% off! Going Fast!!!
Two for one!
Buy one get two free!
Refinance – interest rates have never been lower! Don’t be the last to lower your monthly payment!

Just turn it off and tune it out. Tune in to your money whisperer, inside. Inside your body, in three powerful centers: the head, heart and belly. With the calm I felt earlier when I heard, listen to the whispers of my own voice, I went straight to my body, for grounding in my belly, resonance in my heart and recognition in my head. These somatic touches attend to the sympathetic nervous system and create calm.

With the calm feel saturating awareness, there is more access to cultivate a money whisperer. Any money matter that is present – a potential or an issue – offers a whisper to the center that calls attention. If you need clarity, offer a whisper to your head: what is the clarity I seek related to this matter? If you need confidence, offer a whisper to your belly: I claim my strength and invite your power to support me. If you need understanding, offer a whisper to your heart: help me to open to what I most need to receive.

Then, be silent and wait for the whispers.

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