Computer Screen Glaze – Stand Up!

by | Aug 5, 2012

Minute one:  Acknowledge with grace the amount of time you sit in front of a computer screen working, or even playing, just seated in your chair.  Notice your energy level. Is it low or high, productive or unproductive?

Minute two:   Stand up and place your attention on your feet. Feel the soles of your feet touching the ground. Root your feet down into the earth. Feel the sensations at the point of contact and begin to bring the energy up through your feet into your lower legs.

Minute three:  Continue to bring earth’s energy up through your legs. As the energy rises, begin to place your weight in one foot while still staying connected with both feet. Allow your gaze to be soft – in the distance if you have a window – relaxing your eyes. Allow your arms to hang gently by your side.

Minute four:  Keeping your gaze soft, arms hanging, shift your weight to the other foot while staying connected with both. Notice your powerful leg rooted and holding you strong and steady.

Minute five:  Shift your weight so that it is evenly distributed with both feet. Allow nourishing energy to continue to rise through your feet into your legs and up through your torso.

Complete your practice by noticing your energy level. What’s same/different from 5 minutes ago?

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