Trust Inner Wisdom

by | May 13, 2013

How often do you trust your inner wisdom? I wonder…

Too often when encountering the ups and downs of life activity we ignore or disregard the voice (inner knower) that offers clarity and truth. This wisdom can be counter to what the expert says and we lose confidence in our own voice. Doubt has a unique way of making us crazy too.  Recently I’ve been crazy; we have been tangoing with the medical profession on a chronic illness with my son. Sparing you details, I knew all along what the doctors could not diagnose.  I ignored my inner knower in favor of the scientific proof. And, I “know” better.  So, I am showing up now (picture me as a savvy Shirley McClain in Terms of Endearment) shinning with wisdom.

Your inner wisdom works for your money matters too. Often money causes us to seek answers from experts because we doubt what we know. We already have a strong sense of our truth – which may be overspending, fear of investing, replaying unhealthy $ habits.  Shine your truth bright and the expert support you want to help you shine brighter will meet you when you are ready.

Are you willing to trust your inner wisdom? What will it take to fully own your truth? I wonder.

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